Clean your animal and facility twice as well in half the time!

Clean your animal the easy, portable, mess-free way without using volumes of water - up to 90% water savings! Anivac's patented nozzles deep clean from the skin up, removing dirt and hair, leaving a clean glossy coat.

Anivac's Bathing Systems having been taking the world by storm over the last four years due to the fact that they are an entirely new way of looking at the issue of dirt on an animal and how best to get that dirt out. Anivac systems actually clean from the skin up instead of the top down, are virtually mess free, can be used in winter with only common sense precautions, and the groom stays dry! Using your Anivac will enable you to get ALL the dirt out and will drastically cut your grooming chore.

Anivac is ideal for:

Horse owners
Dog owners
Commercial stables
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Commerical kennels
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The original idea for the bathing system came from the inability of the inventor to get the family’s big smelly Newfoundland dog clean and odour free. The inventor found that after thoroughly bathing the dog it would smell and look better but after only a few days the masking effect of the shampoo would wear off and the terrible odour would return. He realized it was the thick dense coat of the dog that was preventing him from working shampoo down into the coat to the skin.

After much thought he came up with the idea of creating wash nozzles that were like a comb and would go down to the animals skin where the dirt was, and then spray. After this he realized that if he combined the comb-like washing system with a vacuum he would have an all inclusive bathing system that would not only clean better and use substantially less water, but would also eliminate the mess associated with traditional bathing. From the first unit made back in 1995 came the Anivac of today.

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How it works

Our technology is a completely different way of looking at the issue of dirt on an animal, and how to get that dirt out.

Traditional means of cleaning an animal is done by vigorously shampooing from the top to get at the dirt resting on the skin. In fact, most of the dirt is resting on the skin, so why are we trying to get at it by cleaning from the top down?

Our patented design overcomes the natural resistance of animal hair to the penetration of moisture by utilizing nozzles that probe into the coat and onto the skin, after which the pressurized cleansing fluid is sprayed. The spray action washes the skin of the animal first, pushing the dirt up and into the vacuum force of the wand, and then washes the animals coat as the solution is being vacuumed up by the wand.

Instead of cleaning from the top down, Anivac cleans from the skin up!

Initial impressions of our systems may lead you to believe that we're using a carpet cleaner on a horse. This is not totally untrue but our systems differ from a carpet cleaner in one very important way. Carpet cleaners clean carpets the same way we wash animals today - they clean from the top down ie: they spray on top of the carpet and really only wash the top of your carpet. This top down cleaning would not work on an animal. Our systems nozzles sit directly against the animals skin so that when they spray they wash the skin FIRST, and then push the dirt up and into the vacuum force of the wand. This one critical difference is what makes our systems perform in an way never before seen.

The massaging action of our process not only flushes the dirt off of the horses skin, but also massages the hair follicles and stimulates the release of the fresh oils that protect the hair. Once these oils come out there will no longer be dirt blocking the path of the oils, so that they can travel the length of the hair and improve the finish and performance of the coat.

In addition to the highly effective cleaning benefits of our systems, the vacuuming action pulls the majority of the water from the coat, thus leaving the animal only damp to the touch. This substantially speeds up drying times and leaves the work area virtually dry...and the groom stays dry! The fast drying also means you can safely bathe your horse in the winter using only common sense precautions.

Anivac Product Range


General Applications for Anivac

Learn about the many ways you can use Anivac to clean your animals - the easy, portable, mess-free way.

Animal/Cattle/Canine Applications

Compared to traditional bathing practices our systems provide:

Deep cleaning - Our patented wash nozzles penetrate the hair and rest against the skin where they wash the skin first (where most of the dirt is). This skin up cleaning helps ensure you get all the dirt out of your animal's coat.

A drastic reduction in mess - Since our tool immediately removes the majority of the water before it has a chance to fall away from the animal the process is virtually mess free,,, and the groom remains dry!

Environmental benefits, by drastically reducing water consumption. An average sized animal can be cleaned with approximately two gallons of water. Compare this to running a hose that puts out on average 5 gallons of water a minute and you'll realize how much water you'll save. Saving up to 90% on water usage not only reduces mess but greatly lessens the load on well and septic systems.

Safe winter bathing - Due to the small amount of water used and the immediate removal of the majority of it from the animal coat, with only common sense precautions you can drastically extend your bathing season.

Portability - Two of our models are completely portable, making it easy for you to take one to shows or other events. Having one of these means no more waiting for wash stalls or standing in mud!

A reduction in skin conditions - Dirt on your animals skin is the breeding ground for many skin problems on animals, such as fungal infections like rain rot, ring worm, mud fever, greasy heel, etc. Being able to keep your animals coat clean year round, right down to its skin, will help to prevent these bacterial and fungal issues from taking hold.

Improved winter protection from cold - A animal's hair insulates by trapping air between the shafts of the hair. The more dirt that is in the animal's coat the less air the coat can trap which can reduce the insulating value of the animal's coat. Keeping your animal coat clean year round helps keep your friend warm and cozy.

Comfort - For both the animal (to which the process is much akin to a back rub), and the groom (who stays virtually dry), our system turns a much maligned task into a much more enjoyable one.

Stain removal - Finally, an answer to the removal of manure and urine stains from light colored animals! Our system can easily and quickly remove fresh stains from the coats of light colored animals. Having one of our systems on hand makes it easy to simply reach for a wand when you see that ugly stain.

Fast and effective spring cleaning - The vacuum effect in combination with the pressurized introduction of water into the base of the coat combine together to pull loose hair up to the surface of the coat, helping to quickly remove that pesky winter coat.

Veterinary Applications for Anivac

Compared to traditional bathing practices our systems provide:

Pre surgery cleansing - Attempting to clean up animals that have been hit by a car or have suffered other substantial injuries poses many difficulties. Bathing an animal that requires surgery using traditional methods exposes wound sites to infection and further injury. Using the with any one of Anivacs patented systems you can clean the animal, including directly around open wound sites, in a manner that greatly lessens the potential of exposing the site to water, and does it in a manner that is fast, efficient and much kinder to the animal.

Equine and other mobile practitioners - Cleansing an animal in a non-operatory environment can be difficult, time consuming and traumatic to the animal. The easy portability of Anivacs patented systems allows cleansing to be performed in a manner that is clean and efficient, thereby making the process easier on the practitioner while being safer and kinder to the animal.

Post surgery - Using the EcoWash Animal Cleaning System you will be able to effect proper cleansing of the area around the surgical site without great risk of wetting the incision area. Being able to clean an animal in this way substantially reduces the traditional issues of odor and exposure to infection associated with having to leave the animal un-bathed. Our system also allows for quick and effective daily cleansing of the animal after the surgery.

Cleansing of downed animals - Given the portability of the system the tool can be easily moved from pen to pen, or room to room in your facility. Should you have animals on your site that have accidents and soil themselves, you will be able to clean the animal while it's in the pen instead of going through the unpleasant effort involved in more traditional bathing methods.

No bathtub required - The EcoWash Animal Cleaning System does not require the use of expensive bathing facilities, and can be used on virtually any floor or table.

Revenue generation - Besides the benefits of having our system for internal use, having any one of Anivacs patented systems on site offers the potential to generate a new source of revenue by offering a "while you wait" cleansing for your client's pets.

Pure Oxygen Hard Surface Cleaner

Use the power of oxygen to clean and deodorise!

Hi grade cleaner and deodoriser for all hard surfaces. Leaves no residue on surfaces. Active ingredient (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) converts to just water vapour and oxygen when drying! Safe for people and pets, and harmless to the environment.

Economical - use just 1 oz per gal of water for normal cleaning, 2 oz per gal for heavily soiled surfaces.

Available in 4L, 20L & 200L sizes.

Pure Oxygen Cleaner-Deodoriser & Fungal Wash

ANIVAC’S patented PURE OXYGEN fungal wash, cleaner and deodorizer is a 100% non-toxic and environmentally safe way to wash away dirt & fungus, and eliminate all odours EVEN SKUNK. Effective against Greasy Heel, Rain scald, Girth Itch, Seedy toe, Qld Itch, Malassezia, hot spots, Dermatitis type skin irritations.

PURE OXYGEN converts to oxygen and water vapour when drying.

The intense flood of oxygen coming from PURE OXYGEN will wash away fungus and odours, often after just one application!

PURE OXYGEN Rinse Free Shampoo & Deodoriser

Anivac’s patented PURE OXYGEN cleaning and deodorising solution is a 100% non-toxic and environmentally safe way to clean and deodorise animals.

PURE OXYGEN converts to oxygen and water vapour and leaves absolutely no residue. With regular use PURE OXYGEN will help keep the skin and coat clean, fresh and healthy.

Restore the natural softness and brilliant shine of your animals coat with the power of Anivac's PURE OXYGEN Rinse Free Shampoo and Deodoriser.

PURE OXYGEN Technology

PURE OXYGEN utilizes AHP chemical technology. AHP (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) is a synergistic blend of commonly used, safe ingredients that when combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide produce exceptional potency as germicide and performance as a cleaner. The benefits and efficacy of AHP have been validated by third party clinical studies conducted by scientific organisations and third party researchers that are recognised by government regulatory agencies in Canada, the U.S and Europe.

AHP has an excellent Safety and Environmental Profile for the user and the environment. It is non-irritating to eyes and skin, is free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), there are no toxic ingredients in the formula and AHP does not leave any residual on the surface once dried.

What are VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOC’s are emitted by most cleaning products. VOC’s can adversely affect indoor air quality, and the inhalation of air containing such compounds released by cleaning and disinfecting agents has been associated with allergies and occupational asthma.
What is the difference between AHP and the Hydrogen Peroxide that can be purchased at a Drug Store or Pharmacy?

• Hydrogen Peroxide purchased at a Drug Store or Pharmacy is a 3% solution mixed with water. Scientists had worked for many years to find a way to properly mix other ingredients in this water and Hydrogen Peroxide solution and create a commercially viable and effective product.

• AHP is a formulation of Hydrogen Peroxide, surfactants and other inert ingredients which results in less active ingredient but better cleaning and faster germicidal performance than Hydrogen Peroxide at 3%. At the In-Use dilution of AHP for bathing the active ingredient is less than 0.1%.

• Many cleaning and/or disinfectant products on the market have pleasant smells such as citrus, lime etc. Why doesn't AHP have a scent?

• A reason for creating a scent-free product is to avoid the masking of odours. Clean really has no smell. It is the absence of smell due to the absence of any odour causing materials. When you clean and disinfect with AHP there isn't a scent to mask the cleanliness. Your animal, room or facility will eventually just smell clean.

• Addition of scents which very often contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) to cleaning and disinfectants is also one of the leading causes of fragrance sensitivity and negative affects to indoor air quality. By creating a product that is scent free, there are fewer negative reactions by end users, fewer complaints by occupants of the facility using AHP and therefore, from a Occupational Health and Safety standpoint, a better product to use.

• Hydrogen Peroxide is an oxidising agent, meaning it will oxidise and destroy certain compounds. Typically, the scents used in most cleaners fall into this group. It would be difficult to find a scent that would stay stable in the solution.

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